Then came the agricultural said one of the largest flight

So it is not universal, and the people should take from the jurist the prohibitions of halal and haraam and not to fall into the protection of suspicions. The Qur’anic text is compatible with the dialectic of people to confuse the text. And the isolation of the sect to harvest the harvest of Muslims harvested from the cultivation of the origin of the jurisprudents begin their threads with the emergence of discord on the mandate of the third Caliph Nurin Osman ibn Affan may Allah be pleased with him and God honored his face and completed the characteristics of sedition in the era of the Commander of the believers on (Karam Allah and (May Allah be pleased with him), to begin the first suspicion of mixing between religious jurisprudence and political jurisprudence and the difference between the secular legislation that does not harm the religion with anything (the Mu’awiyah scholars), and the religious legislation that does not care about the world nor its imams.

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said one of the largest flight cost was on the surface of the moon and cost about $ 100 billion Vsolhm Broadcaster

Ironing American flag you put on the surface of the moon are spending this amount?? One of them said: “We were surprised by a strange thing. It is a belt of metamorphic rocks that cuts the moon from its surface to the surface of the earth, so we gave this information to geologists were amazed and decided that it could not happen but the moon broke away in the day and then cohere

and that these metamorphic rocks are the result of a collision moment docking.

then goes on to David Moses Petkok

jumped from the seat and shouted a miracle happened to Muhammad, peace and blessings of more than 1400 years almost..oallah know in the heart of the desert mocks God the Americans in order to spend them

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