The tuberose, to my nose, has been twisted into something that

This fast, flowing descent boasts 60 berms, four dozen water crossings and more than 100 jumps. In Squamish, some common rides feature mossy rock rollers the size of small buildings, and sloppy, rutted fall line descents laced with roots, ladder bridges, drops, ruts and head snapping g outs. Enter Half Nelson, a 1.5 mile flow trail that is unusually fun and, relative to the standard Squamish mix, less than constantly terrifying.

Update: Some readers have reported error messages from the Colorado Department of Revenue when they try to update registrations with the Secretary of State. State officials confirm the problem, saying that with some users, the motor vehicle office computers aren communicating properly with the voter registration database. They suggest, for now, using the printout function to make a paper copy of the change form, then faxing it or delivering it in person..

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