The CHC’s biggest beef is that the Harper

The CHC’s biggest beef is that the Harper government didn’t negotiate a new “health accord” with the provinces after the last one expired in 2014. A 10 year accord was “negotiated” between the former federal Liberals and the provinces in 2004, supposedly to “fix health care for a generation.” However, beyond the funding agreement, it was an entirely meaningless document. There were no strings attached to the money, other than the standing requirements contained in the Canada Health Act.

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So even though the latest Euro VI emissions regulations for diesel engines in particular have eliminated the vast majority of the toxic to health NOx emissions, and even though diesel per gallon produces significantly less CO2 emissions than a petrol car, the council will continue to tax those who buy newer diesel engines. Fundamentally, that is all schemes like these are. Another source of revenue.

It was symptomatic of what happening in what is supposed to be a rebuilding year for the Broncos. The Boise State bench outscored San Diego State 40 5. The Broncos aren the most talented team in the conference, but the guys coming off the bench are becoming interchangeable parts with the starters.

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