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In business for more than 25 years, JK Design is a creative services agency specializing in strategy and branding, print, web, mobile, interactive, and video projects. Recent honors include three American Graphic Design Awards, two Telly awards, a Communicator award, several MarCom Awards, and a Gold Hermes Creative Award. The agency provides a wide range of innovative design, advertising, and marketing services, including: web design and development, iPad and mobile app development, branding, logos, email marketing, multimedia and video animation and production, marketing strategies, advertising, corporate collateral design and production, exhibit graphics, packaging, and online virtual tradeshows..

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There is no movement in Yemen that has such a huge popularity in the Islah Party and we know that reform is capable in one Friday In the sixties to mobilize a fold more than what is mobilized by the machinations at the airport and dozens of times the rally gathered by the party party, which turned out to be unable to mobilize half of the Houthi crowds, what a reform!!! However, this enormous popular superiority does not change anything in the political map that is walking It is the party of reform…
This party is the most compromising party and the more the party retreats and more h “I can not explain the rationality, patience, patience and wisdom that I have hinted at in the leaders of reform that their opponents have violated the sanctity of their homes.” But are their homes more expensive than their homes? The blood that will be shed if they want revenge for themselves?? “This is not my words, but their words and I challenge anyone to put my words in the field of sterile surface argument or political propaganda that does not exist on the ground.” Because this is what the leaders of reform have proved on the ground!! We know that their homes have been violated in front of the sight of their supporters who were waiting for them to signal the march and rally in Sana’a to discipline the supporters of Ali Saleh and Houthi…
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