Stores to Shop for Cheap Back

13 Stores to Shop for Cheap Back

The new school year is almost here, and it time to start shopping for the kids school clothes.

Finding clothes at good prices may be a challenge if you don know where to go. Check out 13 reasonable places to shop for back to school cheap jerseys clothing around Las Vegas.

Marshall is a favorite of many parents. Not only do they have clothes, but you can shop for backpacks, shoes, socks and more. Rhapsodielle has nice dresses, jeans and cute shoes that your daughter will enjoy. They do sell clothes for women as well, so make sure you stay in dress code when it comes to buying clothes here for your teen.

3. Ross

Ross is awesome, and many people know that. You can get some of the top name brands here for less. Ross is always packed around this time. This is a great place to shop for the male students in your life. They have awesome prices on jeans and t shirts. You should shop here during the week for the best items for your kids. Weekends at Ross are a madhouse at most locations.

4. Wet Seal

Wet Seal is a favorite of many teen girls. They have a huge array of t shirts and dresses that many teens love. The jeans are average price, and they also have an assortment of shoes and accessories.

5. Fallas

Fallas was Factory 2 U once upon of time. They have changed their name, but they still have lots of great deals. You can find khaki pants here as well as jackets for the winter time. This store has clothes for all of the students in your life.

6. Rainbow

If your daughter loves dresses and cute boots then Rainbow is for you. This store sells shorts, nice shirts, and they aren too risque. Rainbow sells clothes that are more casual than the typical ladies clothing store.

7. Maxx

Many believe that TJ Maxx is the best place to shop for shoes for your student. They have clothes for every age and are unisex so nobody gets left out. Although it is still pretty warm out, if you have the extra cash, this would be a great time to buy a coat for when winter rolls around. BCF sells underwear, socks, and you can also find polo shirts and khaki if your child is required to be in uniform.

You already know Walmart was going to make this list. You can go wrong with Walmart. They have everything you could imagine for school at great prices.

Old Navy often has amazing sales where you can get jeans and shirts at great prices. They have clothes for everyone and are very reasonably priced.

Direct Line is a store that many may not know about because they don do much advertising. They have a couple of locations around Las Vegas and they are huge stores. They sell clothes for the whole family and they often come at a steal. If your child is in preschool or high school it won matter because they have something for everybody. They sell shoes, socks, underwear, backpacks clothing and more.

Forever 21 is the store you shop for the “trendy” student. They often have great sales sale clothing in all sizes. The store is having a huge online sale where you can shop for unisex clothing as well. Order now and have it in time for the first day of school.

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