I also convinced that he innocent

I have written and may dry ink for the book did not meet his right, he is entitled to write and collect Information about him and keep him a book mentions the extent of history and I will collect more information and collected many of his writing as mentioned above on the writing of the provisions and chapters and basils have been written to him in some book is worth mentioning the extent of history and learn from the generations of the rising but for lack of time I did not seek To write and gather this effort wants him enough time so as not to diminish anything right It deserves to be seen by the number of a lot of the region in general and may be known to everyone and has benefited people in the region for his work, the mighty and intelligent that does not make it easy for engineers and doctors to do what he does

• This man has his place in the heart of every Riyashi and his name is registered And the signing of a pen in the papers and record in the division of the money of all the families of the provisions of the provisions of the villages and Kabylie is a man placed himself at the highest peaks, which deserves to be a tribal man holds the status of the ruler of law and a fair judge among the people added to his smile and good Bshosh and the qualities of good faith and loyalty A man who is conservative in his religion is committed to what Allah and His Messenger have said No one is wronged in his reign, and no one comes out of his house, rejecting his rule. They may reject his rulings, or what he saw beforehand, before they hear him, so no one chooses him to solve his problem unless he pleads with his ruling in advance. The judges in the courts testified to him as a man without any resemblance.

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– In Rajab in 642 AH

* The pole of his time and the era of his time and the relief of his time, where it came in the impact that Sheikh Abu Abdullah scribe said: I went in the service of Sheikh Ibn Alsat and is in the company of Sidi Abi Hassan Al-Shazly when we arrived near From Tripoli, Sheikh Abu Hassan said: We walk, God willing, from the road He said to him: “You Yunus, you are the guardian of Allah and a [and the best and the guardian of Allah], and God will not make a guardian of my path. The way you chose and to go to the way chosen by Vafrtna until we met near Alexandria when we prayed morning Sheikh Sheikh Ibn Alasat went to the tent of Sheikh Abi Hassan and we in his companions and entered it and sat in his hands and spoke with him words of what we understood from him something when he wanted to leave He grabbed the hand of the sheikh and kissed her and went away and he cried and we were amazed at him that day and said to them: I saw the master of existence peace and blessings be upon him And yesterday he said to me: You Yunus was the father of the most legendary pilgrims of this time and was arrested yesterday and God took him to Abi El-Hassan Shazly and I came to him until the pledge of allegiance to the Catholics when we arrived in Alexandria and entered from the door of Sidra at the column of the people went out and receive the knees I saw Shaykh Ibn al-Sa`t hitting his hand on the head of the traveler and he was crying and saying, “O people of this town, if you know who is coming next to you, you will accept the bounty of his cow. (And it was also mentioned in the Book of Blessed Exalted in the exploits of the gentlemen Shazlyh Ibn Ayad) and it was the date of the transfer of Sidi Abi Hajjaj next to his Lord in Rajab in 642 e is the same date of entry of Sidi Abi Hassan Thagher Alexandria and thus make sure that he was pole of his time The individual relief and all the parents in his time under his command

Sidi Yusuf bin Abdul Rahim bin Yusuf bin Isa bin Muhi al-Din bin Mansour bin Abdul Rahman, nicknamed Shayha bin Suleiman binMansoor bin Ibrahim bin Radwan bin Nasser Al-Din bin Ibrahim bin Ahmed bin Issa famous owner of Mkashvat and Karamat bin Star bin Taqi al-Din ibn Abdullah bin Zinedine bin Abdul Khaliq bin Najmuddin bin Abdullah bin Abi Tayeb bin Abdul Khaliq bin Ahmed bin Ismail The famous fur of Abdullah bin Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq ibn Imam Muhammad al-Baqir ibn Imam al-Akbar Ali bin Abidine bin Maulana the great Imam Abi Abdullah al-Husayn ibn Maulana Imam al-Akram Abi al-Husayn Ali ibn Abi Talib Karam Allah the face of the husband of the https://www.perfectbirkin.com woman of the world women Zahra bint Sayed the first and the other our master and our beloved and We lived in Baghdad and worked in the yarn of wool and was serious in seeking knowledge and Sufism influenced by those who lived In Baghdad in that century, the imam of Sufism Kalam al-Rifa’i, Imam al-Jilani and Imam Abi al-Najeeb al-Suhrawardi Hermes Bags Replica.

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