His most memorable outing came in the second week of the

Praise be to you, the Lord of the heavens and the earth, and of them, and to you, Praise be to you, the heavens and the earth, and from them. You are my God, there is no god but you.
Narrator: [Abdullah bin Abbas] Modern: Ibn Taymiyyah: Ibn Taymiyyah (may Allah be pleased with him) Source: Total fatwas – Page or Number: 22/389
Synopsis of the hadeeth of the hadeeth: Saheeh al-Dawr al-Sunnah..

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Four things to get sick of the body: talk a lot, sleep a lot, eat a lot, and sing and talk a lot: brain brain reduces and weakens, accelerates and sleeps a lot: facial yellows, heart is poisoned, irritates the eye,
work, generates moisturizers in, eating a lot: spoils the stomach’s mouth, weakens the body, generates the wind with a big, The body is softened, and the nerves of the body are weakened, and the body is weakened. The essence of the soul is something and the most useful thing to be if it comes to lust
honest from the image of a beautiful old age
halal with the age of infancy, the heat of the mood and its dampness, following the covenant by the hollow and the heart of psychological concerns, > In I do not compare it with what should be left with him full of excess, emptiness, or exhaustion, full sport, or excessive freedom, or excessive cold. If he takes care of these things, He has benefited greatly from him, and any of them have lost to him the damage according to him, and if all or most lost, it is the loss of accelerated..

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ESA is also studying re entry of one of its International Space Station cargo vehicles that is expected to return from space Feb. 27, bearing a load of trash. The Automated Transfer Vehicle 5, which is named after the late Belgian astronomer and physicist Georges Lemaitre, harbors internal sensors to track the vehicle behavior during re entry, when it is designed to break apart and burn up..

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