{Have they not seen how many We have perished before them from

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……………………………….. I forget the routine life of all people and I am exalted and I am keen for our future and think about how to build it without what we rely on a certain extent or a certain I and you are working in our spare time, but I do not know how many hours we work To me and you are working in the place that relaxes us We are working and you do not stay in the manager controlled us and on the basis of Rayo On the contrary, we will remain with us Kaaaml team help us that we succeed because our success of them succeeded You are working at 7000 pounds In a month or more depending on your job You are the Almighty and I help all those who need the opportunity De hard All those who want to change their future and the future of the people who turned it For people who really Aaozh that they realize their dreams. Hermes Belt Replica

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51 – When many of the dead to the world is among those who returned prophets and messengers and the reason for their return, as Shiites say to be Shiites and soldiers and messengers fighting under the authority of Ali bin Abi Talib, may Allah be pleased with him.

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Let us raise our hands by praying for the good of our nation and this is the simplest of what we offer to it
and many many just sincere intention to God and O Allah, O Allah, O God, O living, O Qayyum, capable of everything. Oghath our nation O Mgheath
Oght our nation O Mgheath
Oght our nation O Mgheat
O transformer and conditions around our situation for the best

Do not make our order in the hands of our enemies and saved us from our situation This blessed – O The Majesty and God We beseech you to save your nation from the state of Hell and negligence – which is on it and do not get angry with us, O God, and do us as you said in your Holy Book. {Have they not seen how many We have perished before them from a century M in the earth unless we enable you – We sent the sky over them and we made rivers rivers from under them – and we destroyed them with their sins and created https://www.replicabirkins.com after them other horns}
{And your rich and merciful God if he wants you to take away from you after what he wants He created you from the descendants of other people}
{How much our village was unjust and then we created other people}

How they left the gardens of the eyes and the plant and the sanctuary Kr M and grace were Fakheen
As well as other people and we have not cried on them heaven and earth (and they were not)

O God, we ask you with your strength and your strength and your ability, O God, not to be angry with us – as I was angry at the Children of Israel after it enabled them The earth and wronged themselves – was their punishment that angered them and I came to the people of the best of them thank you – and praise you and worship you right, O God, do not make our situation like them and saved us you are capable of everything – if you do not Tgthna you who will not us if you do not pity us We will ask you for the majesty of your face and the greatness of your power and every name you call yourself Of your slaves to save our nation and mercy and condolences

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