Features: 30+ (Vail + V7 + has a lot of diamonds)

Jordan 1
₱4,200 – Pasay City, Philippines

For sale/trade

Jordan 1 Laney size 11
8/10 condition
rep box only
with small sep
= 3000 firm

Jordan 1 Blackgum size 11
9/10 condition
damaged box cover
= 4200 (nego)

Kobe 11 Redhorse
literally used once
= for trade only

open for trade plus cash for kobe

for pasay/makati meetup

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Nike Team Hustle D7
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Size No issue! Good as new
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Nike Kids Team Hustle D6
Color Black and Red
Size 4y
No issue! Good as new
8/10 Condition

Nike Training Running Shoes
Color Pink
Size 7
Issue yellowing dot
7++/10 Condition

Crocs Kids
Color Navy Blue
Size 4
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9/10 Condition

Nba Socks Clippers
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Replica Bags The people in the group.
We have a distribution of prepaid card with me.
30+ (Vail + V7 + has a lot of diamonds)
V5 + * Have a lot of diamonds *
every day
help with quests Success 5 times
Buy 5 more quests

3 times.
Manage 3 times. (Not mandatory) *** *** The first time you enter the guild, quest 5 times, buy 5 times, Manage 3 times from 3 times. 88 Diamonds

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FREE – Rio de Janeiro

Loading of gas from 150 reais!
Exchange of the plate or thermostat a from 150 reais!
Sensor change from 120 reais!
Window air cleaning from 60 reais
Split cleaning from 120 reais
MACHINE Your machine will not turn on? (can be the plate repaired from R $ 180 reais)
Your machine does not get water? (can be the valve repaired from R $ 120 reais) – Does it beat more does not throw the water away? http://www.replicahandbagstc.com (can be the electric pump repairs from R $ 130 reais)
Do not centrifuge? (it may be the brake actuator repaired from R $ 140 reais)
Exchange of the membrane from 100 reais
Exchange of the magnetron from 120 reais
We have the solution does not close service before consulting our prices!!!!
Specialized in repair, maintenance of washing machine, refrigerator, air conditioning, microwave etc…
Guarantee in writing of all service we only use parts We work with all emergency assistance, 24hs, including Saturday, Sunday and Request a Quote by whatsaap (21) 99302-3208
We facilitate payment, we accept credit cards!!!
Obs: We buy washing machines of brands Brastemp, Electrolux, Consul with any defect we pay R $ 50 reais – Service in: – Washing Machine
– Freezer
– Freezer
– Air conditioners
– Split
– Window Air
– Microwave
– Stove
We work with brands replica Purse.

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