But the funding issue is not just a Howard County issue

At itsJanuary meeting, the club which has about 40 members from the Hampstead, Manchester and Finksburg areas voted unanimously in support of charter government. The group also stated its support for the commissioner appointed board, and expressed confidence the board could complete its task before the November election..

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This is part of Spiegel’s long game. Snapchat has sputtered as a public company, but the app remains a destination for tens of millions of young Americans. But the funding issue is not just a Howard County issue, it is a state of Maryland issue and beyond. Well over half of Maryland college students attend a community college, yet the community colleges receive less than 25 percent of the funding that the University of Maryland system receives.

I know, or hope, that most police officers are performing their duties by the strict letter of the law and are truly out there to serve and protect. My hat’s off to them. It one thing we usually do we dial into our defensive gameplan and guard. Give them credit because they were very, very good, but we also made some mistakes that got some guys going..

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