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Still, it can manage a few reality warping scenes like a woman in full black abaya and face veil gliding down a chlorinated canal in an electric powered gondola. That’s one way to get to the local Gap store.The emir Sheik Hamid bin Khalifa Al Thani, to give him his full title appears to be aiming for something more sedate, more cultured, more restrained. He’s also aiming to make his capital, Doha, into a regional travel hub with connections to cities all over Asia and Africa.

But Kiser and other property owners are finding that the cameras also are good security tools. They are battery operated and self contained, so they can simply be hung on a fence post, tree or the side of a barn without any wiring.Law enforcement officials are encouraging property owners to use the cameras. In recent months, a deputy has suggested that people use them to gather evidence against prowlers, metal thieves and trespassing neighbors who are up to no good.Darin Sparks, who works in the hunting gear department at Bob’s Sporting Goods in downtown Longview, said 90 percent of the game cameras sold by the store are now used for security.

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While Chinatown food courts used to be “quick and cheap, but not good”, these days, says John Newton, “I don’t think I’ve had a really bad dish in a food court. Ordinary, yes, but never bad. And more often than you’d think, really good.” Eating World is a tangible reminder of how far we’ve come.

The trend of product cycle acceleration is not limited to fashion; itcan be found in all sectors of the economy. In Japan, for example, thepreoccupation with the new has led to inefficiencies that are creatingproblems for the country’s one time leader in consumer electronics Sony. In an article entitled “Fad Loving Japan May Derail a Sony Smartphone,”Hiroko Tabuchi writes, “For years, Japan’s three largest mobilenetwork companies have pressed phone makers.

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