And the Arabs have all their treasures and their pottery

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Oh, my light, my face is finished with the beauty of Anas Eshraq, Hajiq said: I converted my face to God.
and I’m full of joyO Lord of the heavens and the earth, O Glory and Glory, with the eloquence and eloquence. And the skill and the wisdom of my tongue.

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Nations has undergone the past two Khtaibhm…… Is the most beautiful science of every guide

and the detector of the Karub Ballet… And the Arabs have all their treasures and their pottery….. Hermes Replica Bags

In the name of God the Merciful

About the father of Saeed Al-Khadri may Allah be pleased with him the Prophet peace be upon him
He said: ((Do not accompany but eat your food only)) *** The brother of peace: This good man who addressed to him Mustafa, peace be upon him This commandment University, which is considered the basis for the continuation of individual and collective happiness until it becomes clear to you this great meaning recommended by the Prophet peace be upon him *** *** Do not accompany the believer: > Ie: Do not accompany the security meeting where the qualities of the believers: The Almighty said ((who if God, and the hearts and hearts and if the verses were read to them increased faith and their Lord) (who are in their prayers Khashon * and who are about And those who are on their prayers keep ()
and because those who are on their prayers keep ()
because the companions of this believer In which the good qualities are gathered, it will be beneficial to you in every Khairufi that says the prayers of Allah and peace be upon him as stated in the interview Sharif.. ** ((The insured is all beneficial.. Shawrtha benefit, and if you share your benefit, and his livestock if the Prophet peace and blessings of God It is as if he had been ordered to accompany the believer.

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