And if Allah will equal his slaves in the reckoning

I have a true love with you. My soul is for you. I am close. Garcia; Dayne S. Gienty; Elly R. Gilbertson; Rosaura A.

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Or will be all 4 topics at all. Take as you like and convenient.

————————————— ————————–
¤¤ dressing topic (According to your thoughts) ¤¤
————————————- ————————————- Note: This event was held without vines.

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He deserves to be treated by the Almighty according to his absolute justice, which requires the treatment of every human being according to his work in this world. And if Allah will equal his slaves in the reckoning, and let everyone enter into spaceAnd the mercy of the Hereafter will include his mercy in the Hereafter his righteous and obedient worshipers, but the torture of evil souls who have persisted in sin may be the mercy of Allah (SWT), may He be glorified and exalted be He, To purify these souls of evil and stubbornness, if entered Paradise then entered Tahira in proportion to the sanctity of Paradise and sanctity of its people. God is one and the most blessed one is multi-qualities, and each attribute of the field of work, the attribute of mercy have obligations, and the recipe for revenge obligations, if the fulfillment of the obligations of mercy resolved mercy where the fulfillment of the obligations..

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